Wanted (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

writing journal worksheet

Writing Journal Worksheet – Wanted (PDF)

This week’s worksheet is a wanted poster for anything you want from the universe.

An experience?
An item of power?
A character?
A mission?
An explanation?
A place?
A feeling?
A novel with your name on it?

Describe whatever you want in as much detail as possible. If someone sees this thing, they need to be able to recognise it so they can bring it to you. And you need to recognise it when it shows up! So be specific. 

And don’t forget to set a reward. What will you give in exchange?

A token of affection?
A slice of your signature cake?
Your second favourite teddy bear?

What’s this thing you want worth to you?

Have fun! :)

P.S. You can also draw or paste in a picture for extra effectiveness.

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