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  1. Resources marked with a key are available to students of The One Page Novel (my plot development course).
  2. Resources marked with an apple are available to students of How to Be the Heroine of Your Own Story (my character development course).
  3. Resources marked with a globe are available to students of How to Lose Yourself in a World of Your Own Invention (my worldbuilding course).


  1. Things I Love About People
  2. Personal archetypes
  3. Character quirks
  4. People watching
  5. Naming characters
  6. How to Discover Your (Character’s) True Name
  7. How to 10x Your Character


  1. Quick character creator
  2. Character motivation
  3. Conflict
  4. Your character’s occupation
  5. Develop the villain
  6. How Characters Change
  7. Character arc
  8. Character flaw
  9. Failed characters
  10. How to Create the Backstory
  11. Major vs Minor Characters
  12. How to Create Fixed Characters
  13. How to Create Difficult Villains & Antagonists
  14. How to Make Characters Likeable
  15. How to Make Characters Memorable
  16. How to Create a Series Character


  1. Develop the narrator
  2. Partners in Love
  3. Romance worksheets
  4. Protagonist vs. Antagonist
  5. Household
  6. Family
  7. Pep talk
  8. Letters
  9. How to Generate the Supporting Cast
  10. How to Create Relationships
  11. How to Create Character Groups


  1. Introduce a character
  2. Scene Ideas for Character Development
  3. Character Log
  4. Emotions
  5. Thoughts
  6. Point of view
  7. Try an alternative point of view
  8. Stream of consciousness
  9. Dialogue
  10. Modalities
  11. Kill your character
  12. How to Write Character Flaws
  13. How to Write Your Character to Life
    • The Anatomy of a Narrator
    • The Narrator Casting Table
    • The 15 Types of Narrator
    • The Narrator Matrix
    • How to Relate Speech, Thought & Action
    • The Voice Matrix
    • How to Unlock the Hidden Powers of POV
    • The Narrative Distance Calculator
    • 7 Exercises to Develop Your Narrator’s Voice


  1. Escape a tight spot
  2. Love your antagonist
  3. Who knows what when
  4. Decision making
  5. Make trouble
  6. The Simple Trick to Three-Dimensional Characters


  1. Life themes
  2. The writer persona
  3. Character sketch
  4. Individual experience
  5. Things I’ve learned
  6. The Shadow
  7. How to Progress Through the 8 Stages
to fall in love with your craft...
01. Plot

An elegant solution to your plot tangle.

02. Character

A strong framework for strong heroines.

03. Worldbuilding

Your story world in miniature.

Your plot, your character & your story world... on ONE PAGE.