Inspiration Ebook

Inspiration Ebook

‘More Than a Muse’ is a 36-page ebook that will acquaint or re-acquaint you with the Muses, the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who provide mortal writers with literary afflatus. The ebook covers:

  • A brief history of the muses;
  • Their updated 21st-century domains;
  • Descriptions and influences of each muse;
  • Rules for communing with the muses;
  • How to invoke the muses;
  • How to converse with the muses to solve problems in your writing;
  • How to be a muse;
  • How to invent your own muse;
  • Writerly games to play with your muse cards (solo or with a writing buddy).

>> More Than a Muse is a sister to my other free ebook, A Field Guide to Your Imagination, so be sure to download both of them!


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The Modern Muse

I know most of us are unlikely ever to write an epic, an elegy or an idyll, so I took the liberty of re-assigning the muses to modern genres. You can commune with the muse of the genre you’re working in, or draw on the strengths of any muse you choose.


It’s In the Cards

Here is the part that I’m most excited about! At the end of the ebook you will find several sheets of muse cards to print, with beautiful paintings by Giuseppe Fagnani on one side and a quick reference on the reverse. The ebook has a list of writerly games you can play with your muse cards. You can also simply prop them up on your laptop or tuck them into your notebook to commune with the muses as you write.

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