Writing Worksheet Wednesday: Try/Fail Cycle

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Writing Worksheet – Try/Fail Cycle

In honour of NaNoWriMo, this month’s worksheets will have one purpose: to increase your word count by hook or by book. A try/fail cycle is another wonderful writerly device that confounds the character’s path from A to B by making them go in circles for a while, like an airplane waiting to land at a busy airport, or a bear trailing a woozle.

Causing your character to try and fail several times before they reach their goal is a good idea because:

  • It shows that your character has a persevering nature.
  • It shows that your character’s goal is worth striving for.
  • It gives the reader more opportunity to get to know the character.
  • The success appears sweeter when it’s finally attained.
  • It’s an opportunity to show the consequences of failure.
  • It’s helpful in drawing the ‘character arc’ whereby your character is transformed out of their former selves.
  • If you tap their full developmental potential, one cycle can earn you upwards of 5000 words!

Keep trying & failing; for your character’s sake!

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