How to Develop Your Narrator

How to Develop Your Story's NarratorNarrator worksheetΒ Narrator - time & voice

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We’ve brainstormed point of view before, but once you’ve chosen your viewpoint, there are still many more decisions to make as to your narrator, and your narrator’s voice. Whether your narrator is a character in the story, or a version of your authorial self, it helps to make these decisions with purpose. Hopefully this worksheet will help you do just that!

If you’re enrolled in How to Be the Heroine of Your Own Story, don’t forget to use the Narrator Casting Table to find the ideal narrator for your story!

P.S. You may also find it useful to consider your readership and what sort of narrator would best suit their needs.

You can findΒ a ZIP of all of the writing worksheets to dateΒ in the Coterie.

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