Naming Characters

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Writing Worksheet: Character Naming (PDF)

Character names can be surprisingly useful for characterisation, worldbuilding, and even plotting – if you’re enrolled in How to Be the Heroine of Your Own Story, be sure to read the textbook chapter titled, ‘How to Discover Your (Character’s) True Name’.

If you need to set some naming conventions for your story, I hope this worksheet will help!

Character Name Generators

  1. Random Name Generator from Behind the Name (best one, in my opinion!)
  2. Name Generators from Seventh Sanctum – so much to choose from!
  3. Science Fiction Name Generator from donjon
  4. Fantasy Name Generator from donjon
  5. Surname Generator from Springhole – I always struggle with surnames!
  6. Random Name Generators from Springhole
  7. Fantasy Name Generator from ChaoticShiny
  8. Modern Name Generator from ChaoticShiny
  9. Victorian and Steampunk Name Generator from Spencer Rhodes
  10. The Steampunk Name Generator from Name Generator Fun

P.S. You might find the history, geography and character trait worksheets helpful in informing your character names.
P.P.S. Bonus tip: give your characters names that can be shortened for use as nicknames and you’ll avoid repetition. Best not to go full-out Russian, however!