Writing Worksheet Wednesday: Choose a Genre

Genre worksheetGenre writing worksheet

Creative Writing Worksheet – Choose a Genre (PDF)

In the One Page Novel Course, I recommend that you choose which genre you want to write in before you begin brainstorming, so that you don’t waste time generating ideas that you can’t use. Often genre is an easy choice – you might go with what you feel like writing at the time, or what your readership expects – but sometimes it’s worth putting a little effort into figuring out which genre will be best suited to the story you want to tell.

P.S. If you’ve chosen steampunk, science fiction or regency, I have some mindmaps that can help you start brainstorming!
P.P.S.  The One Page Novel Mini Course is currently free, and early birds will get a free upgrade when the full course goes live! 

You can find a ZIP of all of the writing worksheets to date in the Coterie.