Writing Worksheet Wednesday: Add Action

Action Writing Worksheet

Creative Writing Worksheet – Add Action (PDF)

This is the final worksheet in our Year of Creative Writing Worksheets, but don’t be downcast! A Year of Creative Writer Worksheets will begin next week – same day, same place. :)

Since I’ve already covered Endings and Beginnings, I wasn’t sure how to conclude this series. Finally, I settled on a subject that I needed a worksheet for: action. I can write internal, character-driven stories until the cows jump over the moon, but I often struggle with getting my characters to act in the real world. Not just fights and conflicts, but continuous, consistent action. I came up with this self-perpetuating table, which I do think is rather fun. It will give your characters plenty to do, and plenty of reason to do it. Lights, camera, action!

P.S. A single PDF with all of the writing worksheets is now in the Coterie. It’s 90 pages long!