Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Screen Rewriter

Screen Rewriter

Creative Writer Worksheet: Screen Rewriter (PDF)

A bit of fun this week, in the wake of Episode 7… Rewriting parts of stories is excellent practice, feels very rewarding, and you probably already do it in your head. The next time you want to get on your soap box and talk about how you could have done it better, why not write down your version and use it as an opportunity to hone your craft? Rewrite film dialogue, rearrange a novel plot (though you might find it easier to use a spreadsheet for that), give a character the motivation or backstory they lack or put your staircase wit to good use and rewrite the last awkward conversation you had.*

Here’s an example of Max Landis re-imagining the beginning of The Force Awakens. I think his idea is pretty good, but be warned, the video contains SPOILERS!

I hope you give it a go! May the force be with you.

P.S. I did enjoy the film, though as you can guess, I would have changed a few things. ;)

Or here, use one of mine: the other day, a chap behind me in the queue at T.K. Maxx gave me an awkward, “hi” and then continued, “here we are, the final temptation.” I think he meant the socks and chocolates on display in the checkout aisle…