Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Curriculum Vitae

Writer CV TemplateWriter CV TemplateWriter CV Template

Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Curriculum Vitae (PDF) / (Apple Pages)

Something a little different this week! I love browsing resume designs on Creative Market because they’re such great layout inspiration, and I thought how much more enjoyable it would be to use a simple CV template to track our progress/accomplishments for ourselves, rather than spending time embellishing them for the benefit of other people.

I started out with my usual book ribbon shape, and ended with something slightly Aztec-looking. I’m not sure how successful the design is, but I’m providing the Pages file in case you do actually want to edit it to use as a CV. If you’d rather not print it out, I recommend using an app like Notability on your tablet to handwrite your details. Enjoy! :)

P.S. The font I used is my favourite, Lato.