Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Challenge

Writing Challenge

Creative Writer Worksheet – Challenge (PDF)

You don’t have to wait for NaNoWriMo to challenge yourself to write more and write better. Invent your own crazy, questionable, satisfying, fun, possibly sadistic writing feat and make it a regular tradition. My favourite is the 10k in 4h marathon which I discovered on the NaNo Overachiever boards many years ago. I’ve only won once, disintegrating into finger-cramped, misspelt gibberish in the last fifteen minutes. Nevertheless, it’s never failed me! Give it a go, and tweet me how you fare.

My modest suggestions:
✎ 3 morning pages every day before breakfast
✎ 10,000 words in 4 hours
✎ A page of cursive after every glass of wine
✎ A day spent rewriting one paragraph in ten different styles
A novel in a month