Write With Me #5 – #1k30min

1000 words in 30 minutes – one of my favourite word sprints! Fire up this video whenever you need a word count boost, and we can hit our story targets together.

If you’re feeling ambitious, set the video to loop and try to write 3000 words in 1 hour. In one month, with just 1 hour a day, you’ll have written 90,000 words!

Are you ready yet?

Need more word sprint motivation?

  1. Track your sprints with the Productivity Pages.
  2. Learn how to write your fastest story ever.
  3. Create your own word crawl.
  4. Indulge in more Bibliomancy for inspiration.

Word Sprint Resources

  1. MyWriteClub
  2. The Twitter hashtag: #1k30min
  3. Write or Die
  4. 750words

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