Write With Me #3 – character building

I hope you take up your pen and write along with me, even if you only have 15 minutes!

This week I started out by creating a Heroine Frame for the main character from last week’s Write With Me. A Heroine Frame is a one-page character building method I teach in How to Be the Heroine of Your Own Story. It really helped me to understand this character and the people around her. If you’re enrolled in the course, I’ve shared pictures of the completed Frame in the forum. If not, you can still read the finished story here.

I worked on character building until 22:26, then I took some time out to develop the plot (and decorate the cover), and came back the next day (with coffee) to do some writing until the end of the session.

I’m also putting my washi tape collection to good use, as you can see. ;)

Have a great writing week!

Writing Worksheets to Inspire You This Week

  1. Quick Character Creator
  2. Idea Engine
  3. Tarot Story Building
Writing video