What to Write Today

What to Write Today - Writing Ideas & Writing Inspiration

  1. Write about what you love about your life right now.
  2. Write a list of words for each of your senses.
  3. Write about a lifestyle you can barely imagine.
  4. Write about spending a day in the house of your dreams.
  5. Write a world with no characters.
  6. Write an ode to the floor.
  7. Write about a profession you know nothing about.
  8. Write an edict to your story world and nail it to a (fictional) tree.
  9. Write about something magical in the real world.
  10. Write a time system you would prefer to the current one.
  11. Write a plan of inaction.
  12. Write a letter to your favourite character.
  13. Write their response to you.
  14. Write about something new and unexciting.
  15. Write about a mythical creature in your garden.
  16. Write a spell that aids writers.
  17. Write a lesson plan inspired by your favourite story.
  18. Write out the opening passage of a book, verbatim.
  19. Write about the last thing you read or heard that amazed you.
  20. Write a meeting between two friends, who’ve never met.
  21. Write an elegy to someone eligible.
  22. Write a dictionary entry for 3 items on your desk, combined.
  23. Write about what you love about the world right now.
  24. Write an abstract for a fictional non-fiction article.
  25. Write about a story decision as though it were a board meeting.
  26. Write a strange maintenance log entry.
  27. Write a conversation with the dead.
  28. Write a case study documenting your character’s success.
  29. Write about tidying up a mess.
  30. Write about things you learned as a child, then forgot.
  31. Write a shopping list for a character’s relative.
  32. Write, in detail, about the edge of an organic object.
  33. Write around a central issue without addressing it.
  34. Write about a story that is perfectly round.
  35. Write about changing your mind on an important subject.
  36. Write a writing guide to a story you haven’t written yet.
  37. Write about the beginning of recorded history.
  38. Write a long-overdue apology.
  39. Write about a shift in the weather.
  40. Write about a conversation that annoyed you.
  41. Write about 3 types of “gold”.
  42. Rewrite your least favourite fairytale, in reverse.
  43. Write about something you know nothing about, as if you’re an expert.
  44. Write a schedule for a leader.
  45. Write about why your pet peeve doesn’t matter.
  46. Write about an unheard kind of music.
  47. Write about some bad advice you gave.
  48. Write about need.
  49. Write an itinerary for visiting a theme park based on your story world.
  50. Write directions for using this list.