How to Worldbuild

plot a magical course into your imagination
Create fictional worlds that ENCHANT your readers.

Do you have notebooks FULL of worldbuilding? Endless details on characters you long to meet, objects you long to (be)hold, settings you long to visit, and communities and cultures that you wish you were a part of…?

Disjointed notes that live in your head (and your pages) but never seem to form into a coherent whole?

Perhaps you want to write a story set in a fantastical world with creatures & cultures that push your imagination to new limits…

Perhaps you want to recreate a lost historical world of great grandeur or simplicity, one that gives you a new perspective on today…

Perhaps it’s the world of your childhood, with its vivid pleasures & secret hideaways that you want to convey to future generations…

Or perhaps you want to reimagine the beauties & possibilities of the “real” world

Whichever story path you choose, isn’t it time you let yourself revel in your creative powers?

work magic

Worldbuilding doesn’t need to be convoluted and tedious!


The World Building

This online course guides you in creating a one-page framework (called the World Building) that will allow you to:

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Ingredient List
(included in this course)
  1. Audio-video lessons to worldbuild as you listen. (MP3)
  2. Written transcripts of all of the lessons. (PDF)
  3. Fill-in-the-blanks templates to finish faster. (PDF)
  4. The course Textbook full of clear, concise reference materials, fast and easy techniques, and fun exercises, designed to get you WRITING. (PDF)
  5. Magical course bonuses to inspire and delight you every time you sit at your desk. (PDF & MP3)

In addition, you will receive:

  1. Lifetime access to the course.
  2. All future updates to the course.
  3. Discounts on future courses you enrol in.
  4. Membership to the Lady Writers League, including access to challenges, the download library, and the community.
Portal List
(your textbook covers...)
  1. How to Worldbuild Anything
  2. How to Turn a Pumpkin into a Carriage
  3. How to Map Your Characters’ Internal and External Journeys
  4. The Point of View Board Game
  5. How to Create Cohesive Groups, Hierarchies & Individuals
  6. How to Create the Illusion of Depth
  7. How to Use Your World Building as a Memory Palace
  8. How to Hex Away Inconsistencies
  9. How to Frankenstein Remarkable Creatures & Aliens
  10. Dispel Info-Dumps
  11. The One Page Story Grimoire
  12. How to Write Bright, Vivid, Scintillating Descriptions

… and more!

isn't just for Fantasy & Sci-Fi!

Any time you introduce a new character, enter a new setting, or pick up a new object, you’re building a world.

The answers to those questions come quickly if you know the structure that underlies your story world.

Magical Provisions
(aka course bonuses)
Worldbuilding Spellbook

The transmutation toolkit you’ve been seeking! To cast a spell, simply contemplate the questions and the keywords listed under each section, and allow your imagination free rein. No prior spellbinding experience necessary.

The Explorer's Key

Your familiar companion through realms close and foreign, real and imaginary! The Lady Writers League’s Explorer’s Key is the preferred choice for the discerning literary traveller. Pocket sized. Some assembly required.


Wander Cards

Trust your luck with this deck of cards! Pick a prompt and stop and wonder for a while. Draw one, or two, or several cards when you enter a new space in your story, when you feel stuck, or when you want to lose yourself along the way.

Who is this course for?

This course is for YOU, if you are alive to the possibility of creating something that feels truly new under the sun.

It’s for you if you’re a novelist (of any and all genres).

It’s for you if you’re a screenwriter.

It’s for you if you’re a game-master or game designer.

It’s for you if you work magic, if you create worlds to live in, or if you build castles on the solid foundation of your daydreams. 

It’s for you if you dislike waffling and stating-the-obvious, and want to get straight to the rich substance of the matter.

It’s for you if you like to have something tangible to hold in your hand.

It’s for you if you love play, and grok the value of diversions, and just know that there is no better way for you to spend your short term on Earth than to lose yourself in the joy of your own invention.

Claim your authority
over a new world of possibility...

How to Lose Yourself in a World of Your Own Invention is a self-paced online course
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Who knows what new worlds are waiting for you?

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When does the course start?

Now! You can begin the course as soon as you enrol, and work at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to the course is for life. You can view all of the lessons as soon as you enrol, in any order.

How do I become a member of the Lady Writers League?

Join one of our three flagship courses, and you can enjoy all the benefits of being a League member.

Why do you spell ‘enrol’ wrong?

I tend to follow British spelling conventions, and that’s how we (en)roll. :)

What are the technical requirements?

The Lady Writers League is an online community. If you can view this page, you should have no trouble accessing your course content.

All videos are high quality and stream directly from the web (using HTML5). Audio files are in MP3 format and will play on all modern mobile devices. The textbook and any supplementary text-based material is in PDF format, which can be viewed with any PDF-reading software such as Preview on Mac and Adobe Reader on Windows.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

No worries! Contact me within 30 days and I’ll issue you a full refund.

“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.”