The World at Large (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Worldbuilding worksheet

Writing Journal Worksheet – The World at Large (PDF)

This Preptober worksheet will help you gain perspective on your plot, character, and story world.

You can this worksheet in several ways:

  1. Think through a problem top-down (general to specific).
  2. Think through a problem bottom-up (specific to general).
  3. Move from a broad to a more detailed story outline.
  4. Think about a character’s impact on their world.
  5. Think about an event’s impact on the story world.
  6. Generate a quick overview of your story world (macrocosm > microcosm).
  7. Describe your story world’s physical geography.
  8. Trace a character’s psychological, spiritual, material or narrative “fall”.

View the “levels” figuratively or literally, depending on your subject.

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Last week’s #writingjournalchallenge worksheet on Instagram…

This week’s worksheet is inspired by one of my FAVOURITE quotes from a NaNo pep talk: 💕“Think about what made you fall in love with your work-in-progress in the first place.” – Meg Cabot When the honeymoon period is over, and we’re knee-deep in the complexities of a project (be it a novel or a relationship), it’s easy to look at our present situation and wonder why we got ourselves into this mess. It’s times like that you need a worksheet like this. Spill all of your enthusiasm and early energy about your idea into this page. But remember to “reactivate” it later! ✒️ #writingjournalchallenge #stationerylove #fountainpen #amwriting #printable #stationeryaddict #penandpaper #nano #nanowrimo #nanowrimo2017 #preptober

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