The Stars (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing worksheet

Writing Journal Worksheet – The Stars (PDF)

Writing is an excellent excuse to explore the worlds. We’ve already looked at the moon, and now it’s time to gaze upon the stars.

Some ideas for this writing worksheet…

  1. Fill in the constellations for your hemisphere. The pink band is to note the months. Here are some very nice Earth star maps you can use as reference.
  2. If you can, go outside and look for the constellations. If you live in an area with too much light pollution, you can try an app like Star Walk instead.
  3. Experiment with creating your own constellation shapes by connecting the stars with different lines.
  4. Create your own constellations.
  5. Draw in some former constellations.
  6. Choose a constellation and study the myths surrounding it.
  7. Write your own myth for a constellation.
  8. Invent a completely new star map for your story world, complete with a creation story.

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