The Moon (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Printable Writing Journal Worksheet

Writing Journal Worksheet – The Moon (PDF)

A little knowledge of our moon can have a surprising number of literary applications! If you’re writing a story set on Earth (or the moon), then the moon can be a useful indicator of the passage of time. It can also help with creating mood, showing things in a different light, giving characters perspective, marking scene transitions, referring to mythology or Tarot, drawing connections to supernatural creatures, developing light/dark themes and imagery, suggesting secrecy, describing characters’ nocturnal activities, etc, etc, etc.

You can use this worksheet to explore these possibilities. And here are a few additional ideas:

  1. Create a 30-night moon challenge;
  2. Track your mood (or productivity, or sleep) to see if the moon affects it;
  3. Create your own moon correspondences;
  4. Invent your own moon deity and write their story over the course of one moon cycle;
  5. Or if you don’t already, challenge yourself to observe the moon every night for a month, and describe how it looks and feels.

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Printable mandala worksheet for bullet journal and traveler's notebook

P.S. Here’s a handy moonrise & moonset calculator.