The Future of Writing Worksheets?

When I started creating my weekly writing worksheets several years ago, there weren’t a lot of practical resources for writers available online. Nowadays, scrolling through our Coterie’s writing board on Pinterest, I’m OVERWHELMED by the amount of information available.

There are so many amazing, insightful, in-depth articles on the art and craft of writing, that… I feel like I’m rehashing a lot of what’s been said. The whole process is beginning to feel a bit mechanical, and a bit cramped.

I’ve been writing longer and longer posts to accompany the worksheets, because:

  1. Many of you write to me asking for further guidance on using them.
  2. After 150+ worksheets, I’ve covered the basics and I’m now delving into more intricate topics.
  3. I’m curious to learn more!

And while I’m very pleased with the articles I’ve written, and I receive lovely messages every day thanking me for them… I’m ready for a change & a challenge!

I would LOVE to…

☞ Inspire as well as instruct!

☞ Practice what I “preach”!

☞ Reflect on the ways we write our own stories!

☞ Remind you that you make your own rules & that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing!

☞ Introduce you to my fictional friends!

☞ Drag you into the story with me!

Welcome to Alemmia

Alemmia is a Mediterranean island full of roses and promise. It’s also my upcoming law of attraction novel.

On Alemmia you can find the headquarters of the Lady Writers League, where Lady Writer lectures, with the help of Sir George, her muse — though he prefers the term, ‘genius’.

Lady Writer & Sir George have graciously agreed to take over the writing worksheets, while I work on preparing Alemmia for publication, and drafting the next book in the series. As such, I’m proud to present: The Literary Adventures of Lady Writer & Sir George.

The Literary Adventures of Lady Writer & Sir George

☞ The story worksheets have become the story! I hope you will find value in reading the interactions between Lady Writer and her muse. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the new “format”, I would love to hear them over on Instagram!

And if you’d like to know when Alemmia is ready to read, please leave your email address below. Thank you, as eva, for your support! ♥

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Lady Writer

I write about literature, language, love, and living off your pen. Also, fortifying fiction, personal amelioration, and tea.

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