Story Worksheets

A Year of Story Worksheets

Stories aren’t just fiction.

We tell stories when we want to convince people.

We construct stories to understand our own life experiences and our own identities.

We use stories to teach, inform, and inspire, and the greatest teachings of our ancestors come down to us in the form of stories.

We create stories around our communities that distinguish us from “others”.

We find stories help us in our work, for mapping our interactions with customers or colleagues.

Stories help us go to sleep. And to wake up.


This year’s worksheets are aimed at making us better storytellers, whether in life or on the page.

New worksheets are posted every Wednesday!

Worksheet Index

  1. Story Problem
  2. Story Loops
  3. Spark to Story
  4. Character Log
  5. Introduce a Character
  6. Protagonist vs. Antagonist
  7. The Ordinary World
  8. Pep Talk
  9. Celebrations
  10. Characters Change
  11. Character Arc

The Future of Writing Worksheets

  1. Character Flaws
  2. Coming next Wednesday…

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