Story Setting Worksheet

The setting of a story performs the vital task of transporting the reader into the story.

Writing worksheetCreative writing worksheet

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Story Settings

The questions in this 2-page story setting worksheet can help you hone in on the details of your character’s environment.

  1. Does the scene take place indoors or out?
  2. Is the space light or dark?
  3. Is the space large or small?
  4. How does the space affect the characters’ movements?
  5. How does the space affect their thoughts?
  6. How does the space affect their interactions?
  7. How are the characters positioned in the space?
  8. How do they perceive the space differently?
  9. How does the space create or resolve conflict?
  10. What objects are representative of the space?
  11. What themes are represented by the space?
  12. What role does the space play in the story?
  13. What do the characters hear?
  14. What do the characters smell?
  15. What do the characters taste?
  16. What do the characters touch?
  17. What do the characters see?
  18. What do the characters feel?
  19. List some words that describe the space…
  20. How do these influence the scene?
  21. What limitations does the space cause?
  22. What liberties does the space provide?

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