Short Story Sunday – 52 stories in 52 weeks

Short Story Sunday

Join me in a challenge to write (or read) a story a week for 52 weeks.

Enjoy a quiet Sunday morning reading a story from the archives, or use one of the writing prompts below to craft a story of your own.

Story Index

  1. WEEK 01The Memory Makers (steampunk) – A governess and guardian work together to help a boy overcome his troubled memories.
  2. WEEK 02Hell Hath No Fury (fantasy/adventure) – A necromancer makes a deal with a tomb raider to resurrect his daughter.
  3. WEEK 03How the Rose Garden Revealed to Me My True Love (romance) – how the rose garden revealed to me my true love.
  4. WEEK 04The Gothic Representative (Part 1) (regency) – an architect makes improvements.
  5. WEEK 05The Gothic Representative (Part 2)
  6. WEEK 06Lighter Than Air (thriller) – two spies uncover a double agent on a zeppelin flight.
  7. WEEK 07The Midshipman (steampunk) – a midshipman struggles to return home during the Napoleonic Wars.
  8. WEEK 08 | The Truant (young adult) – a girl dreams of escaping her isolated school.
  9. WEEK 09 | The Work Dragon (fairytale) – a princess embarks on a quest to overcome a dragon at work.
  10. WEEK 10 | Heart & Hearth (domestic) – A widow reflects on the life she has left.
  11. WEEK 11 | Roses in December (flash fiction) – A writer enjoys the latest innovation in writing instruments.

Note: I probably won’t have a lot of time to edit, so these stories may be a little rough around the edges. I hope you find them enjoyable nevertheless!

The Ray Bradbury Challenge

“Write a new short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” – Ray Bradbury

This is the challenge issued by Ray Bradbury to new writers, as an alternative to writing a novel. There are no rules, no limitations as to genre, word count, or hours spent writing, and no obligation to publish. Just like NaNoWriMo, it’s a personal challenge, and its greatest rewards are personal too.

I strongly urge you to try it for yourself. You might enjoy the following writing prompts, or this list of 100 Story Ideas if you’re feeling stuck.

Good luck!