Short Story Sunday – 52 stories in 52 weeks

Short Story Sunday

Join me in a challenge to write (or read) a story a week for 52 weeks.

Enjoy a quiet Sunday morning reading a story from the archives, or use one of the writing prompts below to craft a story of your own.

Story Index

  1. WEEK 01The Memory Makers (steampunk) – A governess and guardian work together to help a boy overcome his troubled memories.
  2. WEEK 02Hell Hath No Fury (fantasy/adventure) – A necromancer makes a deal with a tomb raider to resurrect his daughter.
  3. WEEK 03How the Rose Garden Revealed to Me My True Love (romance) – how the rose garden revealed to me my true love.
  4. WEEK 04The Gothic Representative (Part 1) (regency) – an architect makes improvements.
  5. WEEK 05The Gothic Representative (Part 2)
  6. WEEK 06Lighter Than Air (thriller) – two spies uncover a double agent on a zeppelin flight.
  7. WEEK 07The Midshipman (steampunk) – a midshipman struggles to return home during the Napoleonic Wars.
  8. WEEK 08 | The Truant (young adult) – a girl dreams of escaping her isolated school.
  9. WEEK 09 | The Work Dragon (fairytale) – a princess embarks on a quest to overcome a dragon at work.
  10. WEEK 10 | A Comfortable Coze (regency) – Lord Pepper travels through a snowstorm to reach his sister.
  11. WEEK 11 | The Stars Align (fairytale)
  12. WEEK 12 | The Merchant Ship (fairytale)
  13. WEEK 13 | Fairytale
  14. WEEK 14 | Fairytale
  15. WEEK 15 | Heart & Hearth (domestic) – A widow reflects on the life she has left.
  16. WEEK 16 | –
  17. WEEK 17 | Astral Alchemy (sci-fi/flash)
  18. WEEK 18 | Page of Pentacles
  19. WEEK 19 | –
  20. WEEK 20 | The Worthy Knight (fantasy)

Note: I probably won’t have a lot of time to edit, so these stories may be a little rough around the edges. I hope you find them enjoyable nevertheless!

The Ray Bradbury Challenge

“Write a new short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” – Ray Bradbury

This is the challenge issued by Ray Bradbury to new writers, as an alternative to writing a novel. There are no rules, no limitations as to genre, word count, or hours spent writing, and no obligation to publish. Just like NaNoWriMo, it’s a personal challenge, and its greatest rewards are personal too.

I strongly urge you to try it for yourself. You might enjoy the following writing prompts, or this list of 100 Story Ideas if you’re feeling stuck. Good luck!

Writing Prompt Index

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