Sacrifice (Writer Worksheet Wednesday)

What is the sacrifice you need to make for your art and craft?

Writer Worksheet – Sacrifice (PDF)

Becoming a writer demands sacrifices just like any other meaningful art or craft. Eventually you must face the Defeat, but don’t let that trouble you. The Defeat is only permanent if you fail to make the sacrifice, and the sacrifice isn’t always the terrifying ordeal we turn it into. It’s the final shrug out of the snakeskin of our old ways; the problem we need to face head on instead of letting it fester in the back of our mind; the unnecessary burden we have to relinquish in order to pass through a narrow threshold. Like all obstacles we find ourselves facing, it is of our own making, and so we have the Power to unmake it too.

What is the sacrifice for you? Is it as difficult as you think it is? Will you (un)make it?

Find the complete list of worksheets in the archive.

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