Romance Worksheets for Writers

This is a collection of 11 romance worksheets designed to help you craft beautiful love stories.

Romance worksheets

Although the worksheets are aimed at romance writers, they can also be helpful when writing memoirs, and for developing romance subplots in any genre. Nor is their usefulness limited to romantic partnerships. With the exception of ‘Getting Closer’ you can also use these worksheets to explore relationships between characters who are friends or family.

You can even use them to explore your own real-life relationships.

I ♥ these worksheets – I hope you do too!


Free for Lady Writers!

This collection of worksheets is available for FREE to Lady Writers League members. If you’re a member, please find this download in the Library.

If you aren’t a member, but would like to be, enrolment will be opening very soon, so keep checking back!

Many of the worksheets in this bundle enhance the One Page Novel method for romance writers, especially the Genre Cheatsheet for romance which you can find in the Bonus Downloads section of the course. The ‘Obstacles to Love’ worksheet can help you plot the Quest and Shift, the ‘Sacrificed for Love’ worksheet can help you plot the Defeat, and ‘A Perfect Match’ can help with Stasis and Resolution states.

Romance Worksheet Bundle

Romance Worksheets

The worksheets are all divided in half vertically, with each half corresponding to a character, so you can get an overview of the relationship on one page.

  1. The Language of Love – how do your characters’ love languages affect their relationships?
  2. Love at First Sight – what’s the story of your characters’ first meeting?
  3. Getting Closer – how do your characters get physically closer to each other?
  4. The End of the Affair – how do past relationships affect your characters’ behaviour?
  5. A Perfect Match – what makes your characters perfect for each other?
  6. Obstacles to Love – what are the obstacles to your characters being together, and how do they overcome them?
  7. Wants, Needs & Goals – what do your characters want, and how do they help each other attain their wants, needs and goals?
  8. Sacrificed for Love – what do your characters need to sacrifice for love?
  9. Friend to Lover – how do your characters escape the friend zone?
  10. Enemy to Lover – how do your characters turn dislike into love?
  11. A Culture of Love – how does their culture or family affect your characters’ relationships?



  1. This digital download includes 1 PDF file (28 pages) which you can view using any PDF-reading software, your browser, or your mobile device.
  2. Your worksheets will be available for instant download as soon as you complete checkout.
  3. The worksheets are sized for A4, but you can also resize them to print on US Letter.
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