All-Purpose Review Worksheet

Writing Worksheet - Review

Writing Journal Worksheet – Review (PDF)

Set aside ten minutes with this worksheet to review your progress. How is your NaNoWriMo story going? Or your writing goals for this season?

As always, I’ve purposefully made the worksheet a little vague so that it’s more flexible and encourages you to think creatively…

Focus = this can be an area, a theme, a project, a period, a story, a challenge, a feeling, a character… Or maybe it’s something that makes you focus.

Working/not working = these don’t have to be lists of good and bad points. You could also list tasks you’ve been working on and those you’ve been avoiding or postponing.

Change = this can be a note of things that have changed, or things that you want to change.

Resistance = problems, obstacles, or challenges you’ve faced during this period, or those that you’re anticipating. Resistance isn’t always negative!

Ease = how about thinking of what makes a task easy for you? How can ease yourself into a task? How can you find or create more space?

Step = Last completed step? Next step? Step up? Step out? Side-step? Step-by-step?

Title Ideas

  1. Day Review
  2. Night Review
  3. Week Review
  4. Month Review
  5. Autumn Review
  6. Sunday Review
  7. November Review
  8. 2017 Review
  9. Project Review
  10. Story Review
  11. NaNoWriMo Halfway Review
  12. Family Review
  13. Finances Review
  14. Health Review
  15. Reading Review
  16. Life Review
  17. Death Review
  18. Writing Review
  19. World Review
  20. Spirit Review
  21. Character Review
  22. Relationship Review

P.S. You might like to use this worksheet to enlarge on the Milestones you set a couple of weeks ago.
P.P.S. The boxes on the left of the worksheet make great monthly trackers.

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