Request List

Here are some writing resource requests I’ve received that I’m hoping to fulfil one day…

  1. Spaceships worksheet – for Anon
  2. Medieval mind map – for Alexandria & Bob
  3. Comedy mind map – for Raleigh
  4. Fantasy mindmap – for Jasmin, Dianna & Catarina.
  5. Supernatural / paranormal mindmap – for Jasmin & Grisselle
  6. Worksheet to manage multiple writing projectsfor @LisaWritingWild
  7. How to write like your favourite author – for Stephen
  8. Too many ideas worksheetfor Ruchi
  9. Fantasy creatures (& creature names) worksheetfor Sofia
  10. Fall arc/failed hero/anti-hero worksheet for Isabel
  11. How to begin a memoir for Dale
  12. (Dual) timeline worksheet for Casondra
  13. Small/unmeasurable achievements worksheet for Sarah
  14. Editing/revision worksheets for Anne
  15. Resources for non-fiction writers for Celeste & Katrina
  16. Info dump worksheet for Anna
  17. Protagonist/antagonist interaction worksheet for Karlee
  18. “Ways for love interests to gain trust” worksheetfor Karlee
  19. Mentor character worksheet for Karlee
  20. Scene-sequel & MRU worksheet for Wade
  21. Character flaws worksheet for Claudia
  22. Show don’t tell worksheet for Myrthe
  23. Unreliable narrator worksheet for Sandra
  24. Faith/religion worksheet for Todd & Caroline
  25. “How many characters?” worksheet for Kris
  26. “Antagonist after climax” worksheet for Michelle
  27. “A Perfect Hero” worksheet for Ebony
  28. Rights tracker
  29. Scene transitions for heybulldawg
  30. Finishing what you start for Frosty
  31. Finding/gaining an audience for Frosty
  32. Staying in flow for Frosty
  33. Gaining confidence to tell people about your writing for Frosty
  34. Writing poetry worksheet for Autum
  35. Vocabulary building worksheet for Swati
  36. Connecting big scenes together for Jerica
  37. Workshop worksheet for Amanda