The Productivity Pages

The Productivity Pages


The Productivity Pages is a collection of 10 elegant worksheets designed to get you excited about tracking your writing goals.


Productivity for Writers - 10 goal tracking worksheets for NaNoWriMo and beyond.


Track your writing progress from all angles…

  1. WRITING PROJECT MANAGEMENT – these worksheets are for writers with multiple projects on the go:
    1. The Story Actualiser
    2. The Post Project
    3. The Story Scheduler
  2. DAILY – these worksheets are for writers who want to get the most out of their working day:
    1. The Daily Writer
    2. The Weekend Writer
  3. WEEKLY – these worksheets are for writers who want to log their weekly sessions:
    1. The Multi-Story Week
    2. The Weekly Writing Session Dash
  4. MONTHLY – these worksheets are for writers who need to remind themselves that words add up: 
    1. The Monthly Challenger
    2. Small Steps
  5. YEARLY – this worksheet is for writers who have ambitious goals for the year ahead:
    1. The Yearly Round-up

Also included: 6 pages of instructions and advice on using your worksheets.


  1. This digital download includes 1 PDF file which you can view using any PDF-reading software, your browser, or your mobile device.
  2. Your worksheets will be available for instant download as soon as you complete checkout.
  3. The worksheets are A4, but you can easily print them two to a page and use them in A5 planners and notebooks.

Please note: this collection of worksheets is now only available to students enrolled in Lady Writers League courses. If you’re a member, please find the download in the Library.