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Plot Twist Worksheet

Nothing makes me want to race through a story more than an idea for a great plot twist!

The best twists reframe the entire narrative and leave you spluttering in disbelief; Fight Club, Ender’s Game, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Birds Fall Down, and Murder on the Orient Express are a few that I always remember. Recently, I particularly enjoyed the twist at the end of the film, Transcendence.

I hope this 2-page worksheet will help you uncover the assumptions you, your readers or your characters make, and use them to construct a shattering éclaircissement. As the saying goes, “to assume makes an ass of u and me.”

Good luck!

For more help creating plot twists, try these worksheets:

  1. Uncovering Assumptions
  2. Story Loops
  3. Character arcs

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