The One Page Novel

The creative writing course that reveals your story from page one.

How many novel ideas are lying dormant in your mind RIGHT NOW, expecting you to turn them into something real and tangible?

How many unfinished manuscripts are waiting for you to pick them up, to blow off the dust. . . and to dive back into their familiar worlds?

How many beloved characters are trapped by your lack of interest, or motivation, or faith…

And how many readers’ lives are poorer because they never got to meet those characters?

And how about your life?

Writing a novel can be an enormous undertaking…

But it can also be fun, and freeing, and life-affirming. It can make you want to spring out of bed in the morning; it can make you want to call up your friends and chatter for hours; it can make you want to take long walks and dig deeper into your psyche than you’ve ever been before.

Don't let the fear of a challenge keep you from experiencing the joy of being a writer.

All stories can be simplified.

In fact, a whole novel can fit on just one page.

And when you can see The Big Picture, when you can view the structure of your entire novel laid out before you, as though you were a powerful commander standing on a hill, when you know exactly how all of the pieces line up and fit together…

… then writing is simple, and simply joyful.

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  1. How to create the core plot for your novel on 1 sheet of paper (and in under 2 hours).
  2. How use the one page layout to generate endless story ideas.
  3. How to quickly create a synopsis that will keep you on track as you write.
  4. How to resurrect, troubleshoot and revise your stagnant or abandoned stories, so you don’t waste your hard work.
  5. How to easily discover the missing soul of your story, and drastically reduce your revision time.
  6. How to LOVE the plotting process & always know what to write next.
  7. How to plot internal vs. external change, and how to play one off the other.
  8. How to expand your plot to create a richer story.
  9. How to account for multiple main characters in your plot.
  10. How to add, extract, and interweave subplots into the main plot (so you can add depth to your characters and your story).
  11. How to create a character from your outline, and avoid unnecessary character development.
  12. How to create a world from your outline, and avoid unnecessary worldbuilding.
  13. How to create a timeline from your outline, and avoid plot holes and pacing problems.
  14. How to use internal and external motivators to guarantee you finish writing your novel.
  15. The most common plot problems and how to fix them as you write (so that you don’t get stuck in an infinite rewrite loop).
  16. 5 quick editing fixes based on the 8 stages.
  17. How to use your outline to create an editing checklist that supports you through the editing process.
  18. How to fix broken plots methodically.
  19. How to fix broken characters without breaking your plot.
  20. The #1 simple trick for solving plot problems that will allow you to overcome blocks and come up with answers that work.

Course Contents

The One Page Novel course consists of:

In addition, you will receive:


When you enrol, you will have instant access to these course bonuses, designed to support you every step of the way.

Bonus #1: Genre Cheatsheet Pack

Fill-in-the-blanks scene templates for romance, fantasy, thriller, and mystery plots or subplots.

These cheatsheets are my absolute favourites! They’re the best supplement to the example scenes provided in the main course.

Whether you’re writing in one of these 4 major genres, or you just need scene ideas for love, mystery, or action-based subplots, you’ll love this cheatsheet pack.

Print them out, file them in your ‘Writing’ binder, pick and choose your scenes and fill in the blanks. Enjoy!

Genre Cheatsheet Pack

Bonus #2: Random Plot Generator

A random plot generator that fills in all of the blanks for you… at the click of a button!

If you’re feeling uninspired, the Random Plot Generator can generate your First Quadrant lists and use them to populate the Synopsis, and the example scenes for all 8 stages.

All you have to do is copy + paste. Then start writing!

The generator works in any browser (desktop or mobile), and you can even download it to use offline.

Writing Plot Generator

Bonus #3: Advanced Lesson Archive

A growing archive of advanced training on brainstorming, plotting, outlining, writing and editing.


  1. The Holographic Approach – plot outwards from any stage;
  2. Aide Memoire – easily remember the names and functions of the 8 stages;
  3. Using Tarot Cards for Inspiration;
  4. Using the Hero’s Journey;
  5. & more…
Writing Lesson Archive

Bonus #4: Master Scrivener Template

A beautiful Scrivener template that will get you set up & eager to write, instantly.

This master Scrivener template comes ready-loaded with all example scenes, stage summaries, and plotting help.

Colour-coded document templates, and automatic collections are all set up to speed up your workflow, and there are also 40 custom icons that you can use to organise your binder across all of your projects.

Please note: this template hasn’t been tested on Scrivener 3. You may want to try this free version before enrolling.

Scrivener Template

Bonus #5: Lifetime Membership to the Lady Writers League

Become a Lady Writer… forever. Life-time access to the course, as well to the Lady Writers League library, community, and member benefits.

As a member of the Lady Writers League, you will have access to:


Access a growing library of free ebooks, printables & tools (currently worth over $80).


Unlock a growing archive of free training, including challenges & mini-courses.


Socialise in the League forums, join in group events & earn accomplishment badges.


When does the course start?

The One Page Novel is a self-paced course, meaning you can start as soon as you enrol, and work as and when you have time.

How long do I have access to the course?

Access to the course is for life. You can view all of the lessons as soon as you enrol, in any order.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

No worries! Contact me within 30 days and I’ll issue you a full refund.

What are the technical requirements?

The Lady Writers League is an online community. If you can view this page, you should have no trouble accessing your course content.

All videos are high quality and stream directly from the web (using HTML5). Audio files are in MP3 format and will play on all modern mobile devices.

The textbook and any supplementary text-based material is in PDF format, which can be viewed with any PDF-reading software such as Preview on Mac and Adobe Reader on Windows.

"The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible."