Online/Offline (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Social media - writing worksheet

Writing Journal Worksheet – Online / Offline (PDF)

Most of us spend a considerable part of our days online. In some cases our online interactions define our lives as much as our “real life” interactions do. But personally I don’t often think of documenting my online time in my journal. Do you? Have you considered how to represent the digital world in your writing? What feelings do you experience engaging with the digital vs. the “visceral”?

  1. What content are you drawn to online vs. offline? Is there a divide?
  2. What content do you create and/or share online vs. offline? How does each medium help you define and portray your identity?
  3. List the sites, people, communities or accounts that you’re following right now. What do you check every day? List them in the sidebar and check back in 6 months or a year to see how they’ve changed or evolved.
  4. If you post content online, consider making a list of sites you’re active on. Also, make a list of the things you post or share in a week. I’m sure you’ll gain some interesting insights that go beyond mere follower counts.
  5. Use the reverse to reflect on the discoveries you make while working with this worksheet.

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