One Page Stories

One page stories (not to be confused with one page novels) are quick quotidian catalysts. We’ve all experienced a powerful story that changed our lives – whether it’s a fiction that takes us out of ourself, or the internal monologue we use to realise our own experiences…

If you had just one page to inspire, influence, motivate, or move someone, to offer them a solution, or a new perspective, to improve their mood or their circumstances… what would you write?

The 7-day writing challenges are about writing more, and finishing fast, whereas the one page story challenge really requires you to focus in on the idea and to think about your audience.

One Page Story Prompts

If you would like some prompts to get started, here’s one for each month of the year…

Write a one page story…

  1. To make a loved one feel better
  2. About being yourself.
  3. To change someone’s mind.
  4. To give yourself a new perspective on a problem.
  5. To show a family member the opportunities around them.
  6. That enables someone to escape.
  7. To motivate a friend to start something new.
  8. That makes someone richer.
  9. About things working out in the world.
  10. To help a stranger make a decision.
  11. About your favourite motivational quotation.
  12. To assure your followers that they’re on the right track.

One Page Story Writing Challenge Prompts

How Long is One Page?

This is a personal challenge, so you can use any size page, and any size font or handwriting you feel like!


Here are a few writing worksheets that can help you develop your story idea, and write your one page story:

  1. Idea Engine
  2. Blank Page Blueprint
  3. Things I Love in Stories
  4. An Alternative Point of View
  5. Uncovering Assumptions
  6. Writer’s Statement
  7. Dislike to Like
  8. Stories I Need to Tell
  9. Life Themes
  10. Your Readership
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01. Plot

Structure your story on one page.

02. Character

Build a framework for stronger characters.

03. Worldbuilding

Construct a model of your story world.

Your plot, your character & your story world... on ONE PAGE.


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