Letters (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Journal Worksheet – Letters (PDF)

Letter-writing is one of the easiest ways to get started with a story. You can…

  1. Write a letter from one character to another.
  2. Write a letter from you (or the “authorial voice”) to a character.
  3. Write an anonymous letter that’s discovered by a character.
  4. Write a love letter to your book.
  5. Write a letter to the reader (from you, the “author”, or a character).

Or how about a more personal letter?

  1. Write a letter to your 18-year-old self. Give it to an 18-year-old to read.
  2. Write a letter from your younger self to your present self.
  3. Write a letter to someone you love, about why you love them. Leave it somewhere they can accidentally find it.
  4. Write a love letter to your present self. Post it!
  5. Write a letter to your future self. Seal it & mark the day on your calendar when you can open it.
  6. Write a letter to be opened after you die. Give it to someone to take care of.
  7. Write a letter to your shadow self. Carry it around for a while.
  8. Write a love letter to a stranger and leave it in a public place.
  9. Write a letter to yourself “in case of emergencies”. Include something – a cheque, a phone number, a piece of chewing gum?
  10. Write a letter to the 7-year-old version of someone you dislike. Read it whenever you feel frustrated with them.

Fold this worksheet with the writing on the inside, then tuck one flap into the other to create an old style “envelope letter”.


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