Welcome! I’m Eva Deverell.

Also known as Lady Writer.


I’m the creator of the One Page Novel – a fun method that allows you to plot your story on a single piece of paper.

Want to learn how to use it? I recommend you start with this video workshop.

If you’d like to learn more, you can take my ONLINE WRITING COURSE & become a Master One-Page Novelist!


I also have a course on character building called How to Be the Heroine of Your Own Story which shows you how to create a one-page character cheatsheet (the Heroine Frame).


And a worldbuilding course called How to Lose Yourself in a World of Your Own Invention which shows you how to design a miniature version of your story world on one page (the World Building).

Both courses integrate with the One Page Novel.

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My Best Writing Resources

I’ve been sharing free resources for  writers on this website for many years. Don’t leave without picking these up!

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More About Me

I have an MA in English Literature from Aberystwyth University. In addition to the subjects I write about for my fiction and my online courses, my research interests include writing communities, self-amelioration and language learning.

I’m currently working on translating a fin de siècle Turkish novel into English. You can read the full story here.

However, my main project right now is a gothic / dark academia novel titled Black Grammar. You can sign up for infrequent updates here.

If you’d like to connect, you can also find me on:

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