Interpretations (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Creative writing worksheet

Writing Journal Worksheet – Interpretations (PDF)

Nothing generates conflict like different interpretations (or misinterpretations) of an event. In fact, if you think back to the last argument you had, you will probably discover that it was caused by your assigning a meaning to something that someone said or did, that they assigned a different meaning to.

Try analysing the situation impartially. Is it open to interpretation?


  1. Explore possible interpretations of someone’s actions.
  2. Interpret a dream.
  3. How does a character’s interpretation of an event in their past affect their present outlook?
  4. How has your interpretation of an event, person, or concept changed over time?
  5. Choose a work of art and ask three friends for their interpretations of it.
  6. Reinterpret a fairytale or myth.
  7. Explore three ways of interpreting a word or phrase. How can these different understandings lead to conflict?
  8. How can a character misinterpret an event in order to create a red herring?
  9. Interpret the same event from the point of view of three different characters. How does each character assign meaning to the event?
  10. Explore three interpretations of a symbol. How could these different understandings lead to conflict?
  11. Interpret an event from opposite angles, and then synthesise both viewpoints.
  12. Explore interpretations of your first memory over the years, or from the points of view of the people involved.
  13. How can different interpretations of religious teachings lead to the emergence of branches of religion in your story world?
  14. How do you decide on the “correct” interpretation?


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