In Imitation (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Journal Worksheet – Imitation (PDF)

Imitation is the way to learn anything. Copy out a passage from an author you love on the left-hand side of this worksheet, and try to imitate their style on the right-hand side. Use the sidebar to make notes on vocabulary and syntax that you notice the author using, and look for patterns.

Consider, for example…

  1. Their use of adjectives
  2. Their use of adverbs
  3. Their use of conjunctions
  4. The way they start their sentences
  5. Their word choice
  6. The length of their sentences
  7. The length of their words
  8. Their use of punctuation
  9. Their use of tense
  10. How they develop…
    1. Ideas
    2. Characters
    3. Settings
  11. How they transition between…
    1. Ideas
    2. Characters
    3. Settings

You may also like to annotate the original text by highlighting or colour-coding the elements that interest you.

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