Instagram Templates for Writers

Feel free to use these Instagram templates in your posts and stories. Tag @fromladywriters in the photo if you want me to see!

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The one page story challenge

One Page Story Writing Challenge Prompts


The 7-Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge List - Monthly Writing Challenges


Writing Prompt Lists

Write what you love journalling prompts…

Prompts to start writing…


Answer the questions, then tag a writer friend.
Don’t forget to add the hashtag #writertag to your post or story so we can all see it!

Writer Tag - Instagram Template for Writers


01 | My current WIP is

02 | I started writing it because

03 | When I can’t think of what to write, I

04 | I overuse the word / phrase

05 | My biggest dream as a writer is

06 | My favourite writing instrument is

07 | My favourite stories are ones that

08 | My favourite scenes to write are

09 | I love to write in / on / at

10 | I would love my readers to

11 | Whenever I write, I

12 | My favourite thing about being a writer is

13 | My greatest challenge as a writer is

14 | I want other writers to know

Instagram Story Template - Writer Tag

Enjoy! :)

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Discover an elegant solution to your plot tangle.

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Your plot, your character & your story world... on ONE PAGE.


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