Idea Ranker (Writer Worksheet Wednesday)

Too many idea? This worksheet can help you prioritise and get stuff done!

Creative Writer Worksheet – Idea Ranker (PDF)

Too many ideas? That’s one of the #1 problems writers email me about every day. Ideas come easy, but turning them into something tangible takes up precious time and energy. So often we get carried away by our initial excitement for an idea, and overlook its difficulties or misjudge its importance.

If you want to become a productive writer, it’s essential that you learn to assess and marshal your ideas.

This worksheet has space for you to rank (and file) 10 ideas. Fill it in and you’ll be able to see, clear and simple, which ideas you should pursue first. The criteria I’ve recommended are: EASE, ENTHUSIASM, SPEED, MISSION, and POTENTIAL, but you can always cross them out and invent your own.

To supplement this worksheet, you can use the Writer’s Statement worksheet to clarify your mission as a writer, and the Creation Criteria worksheet to set some guidelines for the projects you take on.

Good luck!

P.S. Don’t limit yourself to writerly ideas. You can use the Idea Ranker to assess all sorts of ideas! :)

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