Herbarium Zine


A tiny hybrid of some of my favourite things: language, botany, botanical language, botanical exploration, linguistic exploration, hidden messages, pressed plants, patterns, paintings & victorians. Writings from Marianne North, Isabella Bird, Maurice Maeterlinck and Charles Darwin, sown/sewn together with wild abandon.

I designed the zine to serve as a weeklong herbarium, to challenge myself to look around me and learn a bit more about local flora. If you would like to do the same, you can download it here. I recommend trying to identify at least the genus of your plants, and labelling them in the blank spaces. I will get around to writing in mine eventually! Even in the dead of winter you can find plenty of evergreens & seeds. If something isn’t flat enough, try sketching it – it’s not that difficult!

Thank you to Gala Darling & her #megababemission for the motivation to make this! :)

Hortus siccusZine Dried flowersEnvelopePine needleSeedpodPressed flowerRest on Your Laurels

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P.S. I can’t keep from mentioning that I made this entirely on Pages ’09. It’s my favourite program OF ALL TIME EVER & ANON. That’s all.