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I have become completely enamoured of Tom Hanks’ new typewriter app. A little strange, considering I own my grandfather’s old typewriter and it never sees the light of day! I suppose all writers must harbour some nostalgia towards these outdated machines, and though it is difficult to decide whether the idea of such an app is utterly ludicrous, or somehow intellectually permissible, I’m unashamedly tapping away on mine, sipping whiskey and listening to ’50s film music. I even got a little carried (carriaged?) away and began curating a Pinterest board of women with typewriters.

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Here are my thoughts on Hanx Writer, type(app)written:

Hanx Writer Review

Chronicle Books Cute NotebookI also discovered this lovely notebook in Tesco last week. It’s produced by Chronicle Books, who also make the One Line a Day journal I reviewed at the beginning of the year. Just like the app, there is something wonderfully incongruous about a notebook with typewriters on the cover, and the injunction to “write” rather than to “type”. The colourful pages certainly make me long to fill them up (longhand)…

Chronicle Books Write Notebook

Chronicle Books Typewriter Notebook

iPad & Notebook

Typewriter Notebook

Hanx Writer Golden Touch

Typewriter App

Hanx Writer - Reading

Hanx Writer App

Mint iPad

Hanx Writer Review

Pink iPad Mini

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