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You can download this plot outline for an 80,000-word novel!

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Here’s a ready-made plot for an 80,000-word novel for you to steal! It has a complete list of scene summaries that you can use to start writing your novel right now, step-by-step! And yes, you can use this outline to write your own novel AND publish it. I won’t mind! In fact, I’ll be thrilled! Earn some extra money, make it a bestseller. I won’t come after you for a single penny in royalties. Promise! :)

7-page plot outline you can use to practice writing right now.

What’s more, I’ll also email you some tips and tricks for writing your novel, and some advice for when if you get stuck. Sound good?

Oh, and a few other things to supplement your outline:
1 | THE STORY FILE: includes a synopsis you can copy + paste.
2 | CHARACTER PROFILES: gives you the low-down on the main characters, and some pointers for secondary characters.
3 | WORLD INFORMATION: includes major locations, and some guidance for using the timeline.
4 | OUTLINING YOUR WAY: walks you through learning to manipulate outlines to suit your needs, as well as estimating word counts and writing times.
5 | WRITE YOUR NOVEL: includes valuable advice on using your outline as a checklist, scheduling writing time, and getting the most out of your writing sessions.

Is outlining for you?

A ready-made novel outline that you can use to write your novel!How do you decide, if you’ve never had an outline to work from? I struggled for years with starting outlines that I never managed to finish. Consequently, I never finished writing a single novel, either! I’m definitely a “big picture” person, so until I figured out a process for plotting and outlining, I was lost.

If I’ve learned anything about learning, it’s that new skills should be practiced in isolation as well as in context. That’s why I wanted to create this workbook to give you a quick way to try writing from an outline. Of course, there are writers who can write without outlines, and you may be one of them.

But what if your preconceptions about outlines aren’t all correct?
What if your writing style has changed since you last tried outlines?
What if you have nothing to lose but half an hour spent enjoying a writing exercise?

Let’s find out…

Download this ready-made plot outline for an 80,000 word novel!