Resources for Writers

Writing Resources

Starting writing

  1. Blank Page Blueprint
  2. 5-Minute Freewrite
  3. More than a Muse
  4. A Field Guide to Your Imagination
  5. Write-alongs

Idea Help

  1. 100 Story Ideas
  2. 100 Flash Fiction Prompts
  3. 52 Romance Story Ideas
  4. 30 Scene Ideas for Plot Development
  5. 30 Scene Ideas for Character Development
  6. 30 Scene Ideas for World Development
  7. Idea generator
  8. Story Building Tarot Spread

Genre Help

  1. Choosing a genre
  2. Genre mindmaps

Plotting Help

  1. How to use a Plot Formula
  2. How to write a novella
  3. One Page Novel Plot Formula
  4. The Fool’s Journey
  5. Escaping a tight spot
  6. Plot hole worksheet
  7. Plot twist worksheet
  8. Ticking clock
  9. Mini-quests
  10. Try/fail cycles
  11. Increasing conflict
  12. Adding action
  13. Creating suspense

Writing Help

  1. How to finish your novel
  2. Opening scenes
  3. Creating mood
  4. Creating metaphors and similes
  5. Generating title ideas
  6. Deciding point of view
  7. Scene writing
  8. Dialogue help
  9. Writing a synopsis
  10. Creative writing reading list
  11. Blogging while writing
  12. Novel in a month notebook
  13. Google Docs for writers
  14. Creative writing toolkit
  15. How to export your Scrivener timeline

Character Help

  1. Quick character creator
  2. 30 scene ideas for characters
  3. Character quirks
  4. Killing characters
  5. Love your antagonist
  6. Character motivation
  7. Making trouble for characters
  8. Couples worksheet
  9. Naming characters
  10. Choosing a narrator
  11. Writing emotions
  12. Expressing thoughts
  13. Creating villains
  14. Making decisions
  15. Character occupations

Worldbuilding Help

  1. City building
  2. Technology worksheet
  3. Creating magic systems
  4. Politics
  5. Rites and rituals
  6. World history
  7. World geography
  8. Setting

Writer Help

  1. Becoming a writer
  2. Differentiating yourself
  3. Creative writer worksheets
  4. Creative writing syllabus
  5. Writer’s self assessment
  6. Getting unstuck
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I write about literature, language, love, and living off your pen. Also, fortifying fiction, personal amelioration, and tea.

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Roses, book & quill
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01. Plot

Structure your story on one page.

02. Character

Build a framework for stronger characters.

03. Worldbuilding

Construct a model of your story world.

Your plot, your character & your story world... on ONE PAGE.


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