The Fool’s Journey for Busy Writers

The Fool's Journey - use the Major Arcana to tell your story.

The Fool’s Journey is the archetypal story told by the Major Arcana of the Tarot. As a writer, the Fool’s Journey can help you:

  1. Pinpoint the emotions your character should be feeling at each story stage,
  2. Find the next step for a character stuck at a particular stage,
  3. Create conflict appropriate to each story stage,
  4. Access archetypal images and symbols to add depth to your story,
  5. Troubleshoot problems caused by your character skipping a vital story stage,
  6. Assess your own progress as a writer.

The Fool’s Journey for Busy Writers is a 40-page ebook which you can dip into when you feel your story needs some spiritual guidance.


  1. The Fool’s Journey
    1. What is The Fool’s Journey?
    2. Joseph Campbell on the Major Arcana
    3. Hajo Banzhaf on The Fool’s Journey
  2. The Fool’s Journey & The Hero’s Journey
  3. How to Use The Fool’s Journey
    1. Imagery
    2. Feeling
    3. Pitfalls
    4. Quick Troubleshooting
  4. The Cards
    1. The Fool
    2. The Magician
    3. The High Priestess
    4. The Empress
    5. The Emperor
    6. The Hierophant
    7. The Lovers
    8. The Chariot
    9. Justice
    10. The Hermit
    11. The Wheel of Fortune
    12. Strength
    13. The Hanged Man
    14. Death
    15. Temperance
    16. The Devil
    17. The Tower
    18. The Star
    19. The Moon
    20. The Sun
    21. Judgement
    22. The World
  5. The Shape of Things to Come
  6. Worksheets
    1. Story Overview
    2. Current Card

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Please note: this ebook is a reformatted and slightly expanded version of this two-part blog series. If you’re enrolled in a Lady Writers League course, you will find the ebook in the Library. It is no longer available as a separate download.