Describing Food (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing about food

Writing Journal Worksheet – Food (PDF)

One of my favourite prompts from Writing Down the Bones is Goldberg’s advice to write about food…

“If you find you are having trouble writing and nothing seems real, just write about food. It is always solid and is the one thing we all can remember about our day… From the table, the cheese, the old blue-eyed friend across from you, from the glasses of water, the striped tablecloth, fork, knife, thick white plate, green salad, butter, and glass of pale pink wine, you can extend yourself out in memory, time, space, thought, to Israel, to Russia, to religion, the trees and the sidewalk. And you have a place to begin from, something concrete, palatable, clear, right in front of your face.”

– from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Try some of the prompts in this worksheet, or some of the scene ideas below. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how much you have to say about food!

Ideas for Food Scenes

  1. A dinner date
  2. A business dinner
  3. A victory feast
  4. A wedding reception
  5. A school cafeteria
  6. A prison cafeteria
  7. A family reunion dinner
  8. A refectory
  9. A last meal on death row
  10. A picnic
  11. A takeaway
  12. A TV dinner
  13. Breakfast in bed
  14. A food fight
  15. A solitary meal
  16. Lunch in the car
  17. Hunting for food
  18. Storing/packing food
  19. A cooking/baking contest
  20. Grocery shopping
  21. Cooking dinner
  22. A pot luck
  23. Hunger
  24. A food delivery
  25. An airplane meal
  26. Feeding
  27. A hospital cafeteria
  28. A packed lunch
  29. A barbeque
  30. Ordering food
  31. Picking food
  32. Serving food
  33. Sharing a meal
  34. Baking
  35. Snacking
  36. Throwing away food
  37. Scavenging/foraging
  38. Playing with food
  39. Waiting for food
  40. Setting the table
  41. Queuing for food
  42. Clearing the table
  43. Growing food
  44. Washing dishes
  45. A soup kitchen/food bank
  46. A food shortage
  47. A cookery class
  48. Food poisoning
  49. A dinner party
  50. A food offering/sacrifice
  51. Synthetic/ersatz food
  52. Making preserves/pickles
  53. Illegal/forbidden foods
  54. Trying a new food
  55. A feast for the gods
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