Family (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing journal worksheet - familyWriting journal worksheet - family

Writing Journal Worksheet – Family (PDF)

One common muddle of the (novel) middle is family relations.

Family trees get messy quickly, and require ever-larger pieces of paper. I’ve found circular family trees (or trunks) look a bit neater, although admittedly, they aren’t ideal for visualising marriages with other families. You can convey more information by using colour-coding or symbols. You might like to track:

  1. Female or male
  2. Married, unmarried, or divorced
  3. Legitimate or illegitimate
  4. Inheritors of a gene, name/surname or heirloom

You can use each half of the circle for a different family, or just one. Divide the rings into sections to denote the number of offspring – they don’t have to be equal!

The second page of this worksheet includes a handy relationship reference chart, a blank list for brainstorming names, and some prompts for developing (or studying) your family.

I’ve had many requests for a family worksheet, and I hope this will help! :)

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