Character Conflict

conflict worksheetconflict resolution worksheetstory conflict worksheet

Click here to download this worksheet (PDF)

Here is 3-page worksheet that will help you create, compound and resolve character conflict in your stories.

It might sound strange that conflict can be either compounded or resolved through the same means, but if you try it you’ll find it’s quite possible!

We like to think that effect follows cause in a nice logical, direct, sequential way, but actions and reactions are almost entirely arbitrary. If living hasn’t taught you that yet, then writing surely will!

P.S. If you enjoy this worksheet, you might find the Make Trouble and Try/Fail Cycle worksheets helpful too!

Character Conflict Questions

Create conflict

  1. Who or what is opposing your character?
  2. Why are they at odds?
  3. Who or what else is involved?
  4. How does the character react internally?
  5. How does the character react externally?
  6. What governs the characters reactions?
  7. Is the character motivated to resolve the conflict?
  8. How long does the conflict last?
  9. How and when should the conflict be resolved?
  10. How does the character develop through this conflict?
  11. How do the other (opposing) characters develop through this conflict?
  12. How does the story develop through this conflict?

Compound or resolve conflict

  1. What is the conflict?
  2. Do you need to make it worse or resolve it?
  3. Brainstorm some ways to compound or resolve it through…
    1. Conversation
    2. Questions
    3. Violence
    4. Empathy
    5. Threats
    6. Requests
    7. Supplication
    8. Persuasion
    9. Complaints
    10. Honesty
    11. Apologies
    12. Dishonesty
    13. Punishment
    14. Incentives
    15. Outside help
    16. Death
    17. Advice
    18. Inattention
    19. Inaction
    20. Information
    21. Orders
    22. Error
    23. Haste
    24. Discovery
    25. Leadership
    26. Deflection
    27. Departure
    28. Rank

Click here to download this worksheet (PDF)

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Character Conflict Questions & Worksheet

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