Botanical Christmas Collection

Botanical Christmas Kit

I started designing some Christmas cards to send to my family this year, and as usual, I got carried away! If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I have a penchant (or a totally amateur obsession) with botany, especially 19th-century botany. I decided to create some cards that celebrated all the beautiful northern winter plants we associate with yule: holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, chestnuts, the winter rose, and of course, the fir tree.

The cards are decorated with plant names and latin descriptions, however, there are no sentiments, which makes them ideal for non-religious folk of a botanical bent. The ephemera sheets include sentiment labels which you can add to the cards if you wish.

Printable Christmas Cards

You can use this kit:

  • To send as Christmas/New Year/Yuletide cards;
  • To gift as a stationery set (instructions below);
  • For scrapbooking;
  • To create a junk journal for Christmas, winter notes, or New Year’s resolutions;
  • To wrap small gifts;
  • To gift books with coordinating bookmarks, gift tags, library cards & greeting cards.

Printable Christmas EphemeraPrintable Journal Pages

The kit includes:

  1. 4 A4 sheets (of 8 A5 designs that can be cut apart)
  2. The same 4 designs formatted to print 2 A6 cards to a page
  3. 2 envelopes (sized to hold the cards)
  4. 2 sheets of ephemera (including sentiments, blank labels, journalling cards, library cards & a pocket)
  5. 2 liner designs (including portrait/landscape and lined/unlined variations)
  6. 1 sheet of 6 bookmarks (that can be cut in half for tags)

NOTE: Lady Writers League members, this kit awaits you in the Library. Merry Christmas! ;)

Stationery Set Folder Instructions

To make a simple folder for the stationery set, simply print out one of the A4 damask backgrounds (and print one of the liners on the back of the sheet if you wish).

Trim away any white, unprinted edges.

Fold the page in half lengthways. I can’t give exact measurements, because every printer is different. If your paper is thin enough, just fold so the edges meet, otherwise measure and score along the centre.

Stationery Folder

Measure up 4.5cm (1 3/4″) from the bottom of the sheet, score and fold.

Place double-sided sticky tape or glue on the sides and centre fold of the “pocket” you just folded up.

Printable writing set

Decorate the cover! Don’t forget to add the “Writing Set” label from the ephemera sheet. If you like, you can also glue a length of ribbon under the label to tie the folder closed. I used 55cm of 0.5cm ribbon.

Printable Christmas Journal KitPrintable stationery set

Stuff your folder with the cards, envelopes, and bookmarks! You can also cut up the sentiment labels from the ephemera sheet and paperclip them to the pocket.

Printable Christmas Labels

Ta da! Happy Holidays!

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