Blank Page Blueprint (Journal Worksheet Wednesday)

Blank Page Blueprint - writing exerciseBlank Page Blueprint

Writing Journal Worksheet – Blank Page Blueprint (PDF)

Welcome to a new year of writing worksheets! This year we’re focusing on experimenting, practicing and having fun in our writing journals.

These worksheets can be printed A4, US Letter or shrunk 50% to print A5. The A4 size will also fold nicely in a regular-sized traveler’s notebook. For more information, see the index.


Join me in a #writingjournalchallenge to complete a worksheet a week and fill up those blank journal pages! I’ll be posting my completed challenge pages on Instagram as often as I can, using the hashtag #writingjournalchallenge. I hope you’ll join me. :)

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This week’s worksheet is to help you fill up your idling, untapped, untried, blank pages. Choose a subject, set a time limit, add in an element of random fun, make a list of keywords to help you quickly acclimatise to your subject. Then you can do a mind sweep to warm up, or just start writing.

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