Write a Story in 1 Hour – Write Along #7

Today’s challenge is to start and finish the first draft of a story in 1 hour (or about 50 minutes).

This is a special, cosy winter write-along, so in addition to pen and paper, I recommend equipping yourself with a hot drink, and some thick socks. When you’re ready, hit PLAY.

Don’t worry if you find yourself changing direction or contradicting yourself as you write. Just enjoy the feeling of the story unfolding, and know that you can expand it, tidy it up, and polish it later!

Traveller's Notebook


  1. What to Write Today
  2. Writing Challenge List
  3. 1 Hour Story Challenge - Writing Video100 Story Ideas
  4. 100 Flash Fiction Prompts
  5. Idea to Story Worksheet
  6. Romance Story Ideas
  7. How to Write Fast

Stationery etc.

  1. Traveler’s Notebook & Ruler: http://galenleather.com
  2. Mug, Box & Bauble: http://englishhome.com.tr
  3. Washi & scissors: http://eadeverell.com/stationery
  4. Pencil: Kaweco Sport 0.7mm
  5. Tea: Twinings Christmas Tea

Twinings Christmas Tea

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