XOXO Project Planner

XOXO Printable Project Planner
XOXO Planner (PDF)

This is a really simple little project planner that helps you see:

  1. How your deadlines are spread across a month – so you don’t overbook or outpace yourself.
  2. How many days it takes you to complete a project – so you can get better at allocating time to projects.
  3. How good you are at meeting deadlines – so you learn to use deadlines to your advantage.
  4. How good you are at finishing projects – so you slowly get better at taking on projects you’ll complete.
  5. How good you are at setting deadlines – the work expands to fill the available time, so set deadlines!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write down the name of the task, project or goal you want to complete.
  2. Mark the deadline for the project with an O.
  3. Mark any day you work on the task/project/goal with a /.
  4. Mark any day you finish your task/project/goal with an X.
  5. You might also like to cross out days as they pass, so you know where you are in the month.
  6. When the month is over, or you fill up the worksheet, you might like to go through and use different colours to highlight:
    1. Deadlines you made.
    2. Deadlines you missed.
    3. Unfinished projects.

Good luck!